Simple Protein and Weight Loss Tips

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Simple Protein and Weight Loss Tips


Welcome and I wish you good health and hope this will help you.


Some of these are older tips but they are still the basis of good and healthy living. Check them out;


You might find some benefits that could help besides they will not hurt even if you only follow a couple.


The best free weight loss tip that anybody could give you would be to look at your diet and determine ifthe food that you eat on a regular basis is nutritionally sound.


If your diet consists mainly of junk food then there is every chance that you're going to put on weight over time and eventually become obese because most junk food is nutritionally lacking.


Second tip would be to drink sufficient water throughout the day to remain hydrated so that your body is in a healthy zone and your digestive system and elimination is working to the optimum.


Third tip would be to refrain from going on yo-yo diets where you stop eating food or quantities of food for a period of time and it is so difficult that you decide to go off the diet for a while and put that weight back on again.


This constantly losing and adding weight is very bad for your system and over time you will find that this causes you to gradually increase weight.


Forth tip is when you find something that works stick with it because if it works now it will continue to work until you get to the weight that you are happy with.


A further 3 simple tips for losing weight


Go to sleep.

Getting enough sleep every night keeps you thin.

Why? When your body doesn't get the 7 to 8 hours it needs every night, it doesn't get a full resupply of serotonin and dopamine, two feel-good brain chemicals it craves.

So it looks for ways to replenish them, and guess what immediately releases both in the body: sugary foods.

That's why when you're tired, you start craving sweets!

So tuck yourself in early and stay slim.


Keep your hands full. 

You'd think that sitting around playing video games, solitaire, or surfing

around Yahoo would be an invitation to putting on pounds.  


When your fingers are flying, they're not knuckle-deep in a bowl of chips.


Now that's not to say that endless hours on your duff are good for anybody's waistline, but when you keep your hands and brain occupied, you're not reaching automatically for something to eat.


In fact, you're probably not even thinking about food.


So the next time you start to open the fridge door, turn on the computer, or pick up your knitting, instead. 


Pick and stick. 

Yeah, sure, variety may be the spice of life.


But it can also be the death of dieting.


When you have a lot of choices for a meal, it's a lot easier to slip out of good eating habits and into buffet binges.


One way to avoid trouble is to eliminate choices for at least one meal a day.


Pick the meal you rush through most and automate it.


For most people, that's lunch.


Find a healthy lunch - maybe salad with grilled chicken or a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread - and have it for lunch every day.


Every day.


Yes, every day.


The less you think about food, the easier it is to control your appetite. 


And decreasing choices decreases temptations.


All three tips are from two weight-loss experts:

RealAge superdocs Michael Roizen, MD, and Mehmet Oz, MD,

authors of the huge bestseller, YOU: On a Diet.


The following could be of some help to you!

If you just want to lose weight, exercise to better health, or eat healthy.....

You will find what you need to eat right, lose weight and

exercise your way to better health.


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