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Does it Feel like You are Aging too Quickly?

      If you feel that your agility, mobility, fitness, total well being and even the non participation with your social life could and should be better, please read on.

         This is not only a problem for the aging in our communities as it is now happening throughout virtually all age groups, from the young to the very aged.

         Even though this is aimed at Baby Boomers by Baby Boomers the information and advice we have available is usable by virtually all age groups, from the teens to the grandparents.

              Part of the answer/s to the questions that arise can at times be put down to simply to the lack of proper nourishment through your current dietary intake.

          As we age, we normally reduce the quantity and inadvertently the quality of what we eat, but sometimes it is forgotten that some of the items we stop eating have the daily vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibres, antioxidants, calcium iron and other essential supplementary needs.

        Most of the time, what we end up choosing for our meals are the culprits for either putting on/or losing weight and the loss of stamina, resulting in the non-participation of life.

        The convenience foods that are now available and the short cuts that we take now even in our own preparation of our own home cooking contain too much hidden fat, sugar, salt and other food flavouring enhancers and not enough of the essentials that our bodies need to keep its total wellness.

       The second problem arises from the lack of mobility that we seem to place upon ourselves with placing thoughts into our minds with the excuses of “I’m getting older, I can just sit around now”, “Now I can sit here and watch all of those daytime serials”, “Got no oomph left and I can’t be bothered going out” plus millions of other excuses available!

        Also research has proven that we absolutely need to be moving our bodies and becoming more mobile, not sitting around stagnating, vegetating and relying on others to look after us and to even do our daily chores.

        Movement is another word that is used to hide that horrible word “Exercise” but believe us that it is not as terrifying as it is made out to be.

        Simplicity of movement can start with just a simple walk in the park or even around the block either on your own or with a family member or a friend.

       We will show you what you can do even before you get out of bed (not that, behave) and if you have a partner they can benefit as well, simple movements to help your body’s needs.

        Over time you will be able to move onto other easy movements (exercises) that will help you revitalise your body and improve the way that you feel about yourself.

        One other way to gain or regain some of your muscle and body movements is to go to your local swimming pool, floating in water helps you to gain flexibility in your joints and other body parts.

        Once you get to this stage in your fitness this is where you work out within yourself as to how far you wish to travel down this road, either just to stay at this level of health or go all the way to the gym or joining fitness classes in your area.


       Depression is another problem that can and does cause the loss of freedom and can result in closing in on you and shutting out the rest of the World.

       This can be quite soul destroying and you need to discover ways to overcome this and hopefully we can help in some ways for this problem.


Age is not a barrier for getting back what has been lost or stolen from you!

All that is needed is the willingness to attempt the rescue.


          We can possibly help with the rescue attempt with the information that we have available, which cover the daily requirements that you would need for your body to improve and revitalise, over a period of time.

         No magic pills, no fad or dangerous diets to follow, only time proven methods will be suggested.

        Information on and about the reasons why we need to have vitamins, minerals, proteins and all of the required supplements included in the foods we eat.

       Fitness and revitalisation requires that a basic return to correct quantities and types of food that we need to include in our diets.


       At www.growinggracefullyolder.com we will provide information, hints, suggestions and reports to help you overcome these and other problems that arise with that little problem of aging even if you are not, as they, Old and over the hill.


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